Saturday, December 4, 2010


If I miss spell your name, its because I can’t read your chicken scratch!

8.73 mile
1st men David Romilly 106:41 & FASTEST MOST OBSTACLES
2nd Dennis Flanagian 107:25
3rd Sean Savignano 108:54
4th Bruce Myers 117:49
5th Andrew Eckhardt 119:13
6th Joshua Ives 119:15
7th David Michaud 123:02
8th Rick Gradin 139:35
9th John D. 140:10
10th Kevin Obrien 143:26
11th John Jourden 147:16
12th Mike Keech 153:01
13th Keith Burgie 158:25
14th Chuck Allen 202:11
15th Cam Latimer 202:13
16th Chad Young 202:14
17th Joey Allen 202:30 MOST SNOWFLAKES!
18th Stephen Dubois 205:07
19th Bob Lukacz 205:08
20th Mike Mitchel 206:33
21st John Demeritt 206:37
22nd Russell Deutsch 246:10

1st girl Larie Yariga 139:32
2nd Heather Brannen 143:40

5 mile
1st Male Seth Persson 244:19
1st female Lily Stewart 244:18
2nd female Diane Locotos 245:22
-switch course-
Christopher Loader 144:28
Dan Coter 144:48

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cold Crank Challenge

Cold Crankers and volunteers, I hope everyone is ready for an "epic" ride/race Saturday. The rain that hit us Wednesday is almost completely dried up already! I'm give you a brief over view of what you can expect Saturday. Registration will start at 10-11:30. Anyone who is willing and wants to volunteer should show up at 9:30-10:30. Racers will be given a map which will show the check point locations and a highlighted "best route". It is not against any rules to navigate your own route and go off course. If you think there is a better way to get to the points in order then go for it! There are other ways to get prizes other than the top 3 of men and woman... on the map will be smarked points where obstacles will be, if you ride and complete each obstacle your number will be taken down and counted at the end. There are also hanging "things" that can be collected and counted for another prize. If you have been following along then I am sure you are aware of the awesome sponsors we have for prizes!! Can't wait to see you all Saturday!!

PS december 4th is also Exeter's Holiday Parade at 4pm

Fort Rock is exit 10 off of 101. Once off head towards Exeter for a 1/4 mile, parking (and signs) will be on your left just past the train bridge.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Race loop update

Attention riders and friends. The race loops are settled. There is a short 5.5 mile course and an over 8 miles course!!

It's a good course, its Fort Rock! nice and can get technical 

there will also be challenges for points out on the course...

also, we need more volunteers...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


DEC. 4
Fort Rock:
South Side
13 Newfields Road
Exeter, NH 03833-4540
Exeter, NH
10 am Registration
12 oclock mass start
e-mail questions to:
   Lis:  or
$5 day of registration fee
Pre-register online  $3 @
Follow BLOG updates:
Join Facebook Event:
                   BE READY TO CRANK IN THE COLD!
More than just a speed challenge! Be ready to use your skill, speed and brain to navigate thru challenging single track and double track to locate points and extra hidden “things”.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Harold Parker didn't agree with us and we were forced to change location... to a better one! FORT ROCK!

13 Newfields Road
Exeter, NH 03833-4540

Fort Rock is allowing us to be bigger, and better! 

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Please stay tuned as we move the race site a short distance. Harold Parker Forest didn't agree with us. It wont be a huge change!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thank you Sponsors

We received some prize donations today and added the sponsors to our poster. Thank you Bicycle Bobs of Portsmouth, Exeter Cycles, and Gus' Bike Shop of North Hampton.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Welcome to the Cold Crank Challenge by Apex Races

A unique mountain bike race and event for everyone!

Upon registration each racer will be given their Race Bib/Number and a trail map. The trail map will highlight six checkpoints scattered between the best singletracks the park has to offer.

Racers must navigate the trails to each checkpoint and obtain a unique checkpoint "card" to present at the finish line. Checkpoints can be reached in any order by any route.

At the finish you must present your race bib and checkpoint cards and you will receive your final race time. To be eligible for main race prizes you must present all six checkpoint cards and your race bib at the finish line. Racers and non-racers are free to reach less than all six checkpoints and will still receive a time but may not be considered in overall race standings.

Be prepared for great surprises along the trails! Maybe a little scavenger hunt? Hidden prizes? Definitely an overdose of fun!

*Day of registration 10:00AM to 11:30AM $5
*Pre-registration $3 [email with your full name)
*Race starts at 12:00PM

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions

Sponsor list to come!